NANOZONECORT Photocatalytic Coating for All limousines and Cabs

We have completed the application of NANOZONECORT photocatalytic coating to all 397 of its vehicles (for hire and cabs) to ensure that customers can use its services safely and with peace of mind.
This photocatalytic coating is a bactericidal, antibacterial, and antiviral coating that uses titanium oxide, which is harmless to the human body, as a photocatalyst.
While conventional photocatalyst reacts only to specific ultraviolet rays, it reacts to a wide range of visible rays, producing active oxygen.
The oxidizing power of the active oxygen removes organic compounds, bacteria, and other harmful substances on contact.
This initiative is also aimed at ensuring that employees engaged in each job can perform their duties with peace of mind. The goal is to create a work environment where all employees involved, including limousine attendants and technicians in charge of vehicle maintenance, can perform their jobs with peace of mind.
With the spread of new coronavirus infections (including mutated strains), it is difficult to move around in this social environment, but we will continue to make daily improvements to create a safer environment for our customers and employees.